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So, I'm working on quite a few vids lately. (sometimes not a good thing when it comes to getting anything finished lol)

But there has been a lot of discussion lately about Buffy's depression in season six.

Buffy in season six is MY HERO. Because, like her, I've dealt with depression and/or depressing times in my life. I don't like admitting it publicly, and that's something I can relate to Buffy with. Because she has shame. Shame of what she's feeling or can't feel or what she's supposed to feel.

It isn't something I talk to a lot of people about. But it's been discussed in my f-list a lot, and just knowing there are people out there who have the courage to discuss not only the matter of depression but share personally about it as well makes me hopeful.

And I love the portrayal of it in Buffy. She comes through eventually, she still fights the good fight, she still loves her sister and her friends and she makes mistakes, god knows we all do, but it makes me love her so much more. 

I heard this song not too long ago and thought it was the perfect tone for everything Buffy endured in season six.
The song is edited and the video itself is quite short but I hope you enjoy.

Vidders Note: In the making of this vid I found quite a few parallels in the direction of shots filmed at the beginning and end of this season. Buffy enters the World lost and confused and comes out hopeful. You'll see what I'm talking about at the end of the video.

No Longer Feels Like Home )


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