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A new video!
and yes.
more Community!

So basically, I LOVED Paradigms of Human Memory...BUT!
I felt so heartbroken for Annie. Not only was she told that all their 'moments' were in her head, she was kind of humiliated in front of the study group. The look on her face near the end of that episode breaks my heart.
Of course us as fans KNOW there is validation in what she feels, because HELLO! You made out with her Jeff, and you've been involved in a lot of heartfelt moments with this girl (Nobody can tell me that saving someone from a boob-a-tron robot isn't THE MOST ROMANTIC THING EVAH! lol) so the next episode better have him shaping up in paintball and doing something about it instead of being a coward.
I was so excited to have a fandom that I could vid to cutesy upbeat songs... and here I am, my 5th video into the fandom and I'm back to the angst. Seriously. I'm pathetic.
Title: The Annie of it All
Song: And the Boys by Angus & Julia Stone
Description: Annie POV 
It's been days now, and you change your mind again...
"Then what's been going on with us all year?"
"Annie, I think you're reading into some things"
"I'm sick of this, one minute I'm too young to date the next you're trying to get rid of guys I like"
"Either you want me or you don't"

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