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Here are my icons for [livejournal.com profile] greendale20in20 round five
Episode 103: Introduction to Film


How About I Pound You Like a Boy?! )
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Icons for my claim 'Annie Edison' over @ [info]greendale20in20 


We Try Not To Sexualize Her )
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 So I finally finished this video for my younger brother. I've been working on it for a while and I still don't really like it much. But I hope you guys like it.

Title: A Moment
Song: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
Description: just a sweet look at Jeff/Annie
A Moment )
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what have i been doing today you ask?
making icons. cause I'm bored.

[50 Icons] Community 2.01 Anthropology 101

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please credit [livejournal.com profile] nvrbnkisst if used. 
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my first livejournal premade!
I really don't think I'm posting this right, but whatever.

Layout Style: Smooth Sailing
Browser(s) Compatible: Tested in Firefox 5.0, Google Chrome 1.0
Disabled Custom Comment Pages

Annie is a BAMF!
Code, Header & Installation Instructions )
if used there really is no need to credit, but at least comment and let me know you're using it. I'd like to see it :D
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I just spent 9 hours (the time literally flew by) schooling myself on a new livejournal theme, and creating a new layout based on my favorite episode of Community's 2nd Season.

and I actually LIKE IT. (new for me) 
lately I've been obsessesive about:
  • making lists
  • watching Community
  • creating layouts
  • making graphics
  • watching Community
  • making lists
summerschool over @ [livejournal.com profile] community_tv has started, and the first class is all about Dean Pelton. I'm pretty sure to be involved it requires you to fulfill a prompt. So since I made graphics (picspams to be exact, MY FIRST EVER!) early, I'll just post them here.
MAYBE I'm making a scrapbook )
in other news, I'm on a graphic high right now, so if you have an idea for an icon, or want a new lj header, leave me a comment here and I'll see if I can fulfill your dreams :)
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So I wasn't going to post this because there are 2 glitches in it that drive me crazy. BUT I couldn't get them fixed, so I just uploaded as is. (I hate doing that)

I'd Like to Know )
I'm reworking one that I made for my brother. YEAH, I SAID IT, my younger brother suggested a song and wanted me to vid Jeff/Annie for him. Our brains are so in sync J/A wise that I'd already started a vid for them to the song he suggested the night before he suggested it. #TRUEFACT
I got my brother into the show a couple weeks back, and he watched the first season in one day (same as me) and is currently all caught up and wanting more Jeff/Annie. 
My brother lives in a different city then me, so we rarely see each other. So when he contacted me through yahoo the day after I told him to watch the show our conversation went like this
Bro: I watched it all
Bro: yeah
Me: what did you think?
Bro: I need more Jeff and Annie in my life
Seriously, my brother is not the type of person to ship. In fact he used to make fun of me for actively shipping Spike/Buffy, not that he didn't like them or the show, just that it consumed my brain and he didn't understand. 
since then he's came over twice and we've re-watched every episode together. Right now, he's the only piece of my tiny family I'm in touch with and it makes my heart so happy.

epic rant is epic.
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I'm so sad that Community is over! I'm not sure if I can wait a whole summer for it to come back. I love this show so much.

But, some good news is that I've finished my first full length cast video for this fandom! and I'm actually kinda proud of it...
I've been wanting to use this song since I saw someone vid That 70's Show to it a while ago. I know I had the video favorited but now I can't find it anymore and that makes me sad. Cause now I can't thank whoever made it for the inspiration to make this.

This is a cast video, but I felt the song itself spoke more to Jeffs character arc, so I placed clips appropriately from his POV. 

Title: What Love Has Done
Song: Window in the Skies by U2
Fandom: Community
Description: Jeff has been changed by Greendale and the group of misfits known as his study group.
What Love Has Done )
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A new video!
and yes.
more Community!

And the Boys )
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ok, for those of you who haven't seen the last...oh...5 posts of my lj, you may not have noticed that the show 'Community' has literally taken over my brain space.
The last episode had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to PEE MY PANTS. And I've probably watched it 10 more times by now. 
I'm not sure if anyone read my latest post, but for those of you who didn't
I was recently, unreasonably, fired from my job.
So I've had a lot of time on my hands lately. 
And what do I do with that time? 
I vid community of course!
Anyways, my latest video is under the cut! enjoy :)
So Tired of Being Me )

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 So I had originally planned to make this video kind of like a promo, hence the shortness. But for some reason I couldn't get the audio to work for this one episode! UGH 

*shakes fists at vegas*

anyways, I heard this song and I totally thought it fit for this episode, plus this is one of my favorite episodes
Spoilers for Season1EP23: Modern Warfare
Faster Than My Bullet )
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 So I'm not sure if it's because I've been away from my computer so long that I've managed to accomplish this, or maybe it's the fact that it's a new fandom for me, but I've finished another Jeff/Annie vid.

I'd like to think it's WAAAY better than my earlier one this morning. I may even take the earlier one down and rework it, cause it's just not up to par for me.

Hoping this one is better.
I can't get these two outta my brain.

Here We Go Again )
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 So I have some good news and I have some private/bad news.

The good news is that I've marathoned all of Community and have a new FAVORITE SHIP out of it. I never thought I could get into a couple this much again, and I know there's some debate about their age difference but I DONT CARE they got chemistry. 
Don't get me wrong, I love me my Spuffy. But Jeff/Annie are stealing my second place OTP right now.

So much so that I vid!

Good News! )

The Bad... )

Now will someone please direct me to the nearest source for Community Icons? :)
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I wasn't sure if anyone was aware of this. But when I first joined youtube all those years ago, my younger brother and I used to go searching for funny stuff on a daily basis. I found something called Derrick Comedy.

I still haven't started watching Community (I know! shame on me!) but when watching previews for the show and seeing everyones posts I found I recognized one of the characters. I believe his name is Troy on the show, but I was curious to see if you all knew where the actor started out. 

Some of my favorite Derrick Comedy sketches are under the cut. Some of them don't feature 'Troy' but they are mindlessly funny to watch.

Where's My Bike?! )


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