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Because I love music so much, I decided that THIS month will have an extra CD.

It was My boyfriend and I's anniversary on the 4th and we had a nice relaxing few days up at his parents house in Southern Oregon.  I told him what I was doing with the monthly cds and he liked it, so I had the idea to make a special anniversary mix and we both discussed the songs and incorporated them into the cd.
I'm gonna tell you right now, that there a couple cheesy power ballads in this mix, and I AM UNASHAMED lol.
At least a few of these songs will be familiar to some of you, but I hope you still enjoy it!

and now I'm gonna explain just a tid bit of the mix. 
first off, my boyfriend and I have VERY different tastes in music, so when we both like a song we grab a hold of it as fast as we can telling each other "You can't be THAT disgracful if you like THIS song!" and those are the songs this CD consists of.

1. heartbeats is not only a lovely song, but it was the first glimpse Blake got of my vidding career. He watched this video and has been encouraging and supportive in my hobby since. 

2. no i in threesome is one of many songs that both he and I fell in love with instantly, claimed it as one of "ours", AND THEN look up the lyrics. Song first, questions later. 

3. break me out was an instant favorite of both of us. I'm pretty sure it had been on my playlist for years and I'd never noticed it. It finally played, on a random day, on a random itunes shuffle, as we walked hand in hand down the beach...no wait, that didn't happen...

4. love will keep us together is MY GO TO KARAOKE SONG. On the day we made it official we were up at his parents house (yes, I met his whole family before we made it official, and I liked it that way lol. I'd been with my last boyfriend for 4 years and never met his family once due to religious differences and the fact that I was American, so it was a wonderful change of pace for me) We were at the local bar (there are only 2 up there lol) and I got up and sang this song. He told me later on that was the first moment he realized he was falling in love with me, but after making it official only hours before he didn't tell me so as not to scare me away.
And now EVERY TIME we go to a karaoke bar he asks me to sing this song lol. I would have included a video of me doing exactly that with this mix, but like Blake holding out on telling me he loved me, I'd rather not scare any of you away :)

5. Def Leppard... Our first concert together. nuff said.

6. Circles is one of those 90s one hit wonder rock hits that we both love. The only difference between our relationship and this song is that he DID need to "walk around in circles, walk around in circle, walk around in circles,  walk around in"

7. name was not only one of the first songs we both admitted to liking, it was also one of the first bands we found we had in common.

8. oh CCR. When we first got together, he told me he liked country music. This is a big no no. Don't get me wrong, I like SOME country, but when the majority of it is men with twangy voices comparing a "cold one" to women it kinda irks me. So when Blake was naming some of the country bands he was into he said CCR. Needless to say I was like 'NAH YOU DINT!" gave him a good smack in the head and informed him that CCR was classic rock/blues NOT country.

9. Whistle for the choir. I have no real story for this one

10. I want you is yet another one of those songs that we both instantly liked and then read the lyrics to later. No seriously, this song will be stuck in your head, and until you look up the lyrics you won't realize exactly what you're singing. This song is naughty.

11. I've made a LOT of mixes. Every time we go up to Blakes parents house (which is often) I make a mix and this song is on almost every single one of them.

12. As stated before, I like karaoke, and Blake has sang once, and it was with me. I can't get him to budge, and the one time he made me think he would he was going to do this song. He never has, but I nudge him EVERY SINGLE TIME NOW. I'll wear him down with it one of these days.

If you read this far, leave me a comment of a song that reminds you of your significant other, or past other, or just one you love, thats cool too :)
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