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hey all, got a brand new video that I hope to goodness YouTube doesn't delete :)...Read more... )

YT Anger

Jul. 10th, 2008 09:02 pm
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So the almighty YT decided that only a couple of my videos were copyright infringement...uh huh...So all my other vids, ABOUT THE EXACT SAME THING don't qualify apparently...How is that of The Sense Making??!!

Anyways, Here's the two that were deleted and another one I just hadn't gotten around to putting here yet.

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Haven't posted in a while, still trying to get used to the set up I guess.
But I pretty much had the best day today. Dampersandspoons updated chapters on almost all her WIP's and although she left me hanging on a couple cliffys, I still feel like giving her a sloppy wet kiss :P...because I am strange that way.

So anyways, working on a couple new vids I hope you guys will enjoy. I'm not even sure if people actually read my LJ?? lol o well.

Made a vid for Monica, (cause you rock chica) and it made her feel good, and in turn made me feel good, so all in all it was a feel good fest.

lets see...what's new?? still trying to find a job, which absolutely sucks, cause I don't really NEED to work, but I'll end up getting restless and my honey bun will get very annoyed of me after a while. Well I'm pretty sure that's it for now. I'll put a couple of my new vids up here later, a preview and a dl-able version so you can watch it in all it's quality goodness. YT likes to fuck with me when it comes to vid quality, really, it's quite unnecessary.

Well I think I've rambled on enough for now



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